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Window tint

The most important thing about your car is not its engine or shiny paint, but the people it carries from place to place. How do you make sure you and the passengers in your car are comfortable, have privacy, and are protected from harmful UV rays? Apply a premium window tint.

Advantages of ceramic window tint That Davinci installs:

Temperature control, UV and glare protection, Privacy, Cell phone signal stability, Style

There are three main types of automotive Window Film.

With advanced heat rejection technology for a more comfortable ride, Black Pearl® NC blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays while rejecting up to 87% of infrared rays. This ceramic window film features metal-free construction that won’t interfere with wireless or satellite connections. Black Pearl NC has excellent conformability for easy installation. Includes Lifetime Warranty.

 Nano-Ceramic Window Films contain ceramic rather than metallic particles. The advanced technology performs at a higher level than Metalized Window Films in both heat rejection and UV protection, and Nano-Ceramic Films do not interfere with a vehicle’s electronic devices

Black Pearl® Non-Reflective by Madico automotive window film is an exceptionally well-performing, color-stable film. It provides 99% UV protection, and is offered in a variety of VLT shades with rich grey tones. Black Pearl NR (Non Reflective) film blends sophisticated style with superior performance to accent the look of any car with no signal disruption. It possesses no reflective appearance on the exterior or interior. Includes a Lifetime Warranty.

Charcool® by Madico® automotive film delivers both classic looks and modern functionality. An extruded film with high color stability, it increases comfort by maximizing heat and glare reduction, improves personal safety by eliminating 99% of UV rays, and decreases fading of a vehicle’s interior. Charcool is long lasting, highly weatherable and will resist color changing or fading. Additionally, Charcool helps hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident. Includes a Lifetime Warranty. 

Why should I have my windows tinted?

Because of its UV blocking properties, window tint protects your own skin, as well as your interior materials, from damage. Several films are recommended by the Skin Cancer foundation as effective UV protectants. In addition, high-performing films can reject up to 97 percent of infrared radiation, which means they can nearly eliminate heat buildup in your car.

Are there disadvantages to tinting my windows?

If the film used is too dark, it can greatly reduce your visibility, especially at night. Low-quality or incorrectly installed film can become a safety hazard by bubbling, peeling, cracking, or turning purple over time, thereby reducing your visibility

What do I need to do to maintain my tinted windows?

Don’t roll down or clean the inside of your windows for three to four days after the film has been applied. Never use ammonia-based window cleaners on tinted windows

How is window tint installed?

A trained professional should install window film in a clean environment with little air movement. At our shop, every window pattern is precision cut from a computer program to match the specific year, make, and model of your car

What can go wrong with a window tint installation?

Glass can be scratched.

If the film is cut on your car’s window, the knife can etch the glass itself. We mitigate this problem by cutting our film on a plotter from pre-defined templates in our film-cutting computer program.

Film can be scratched.

The film can be damaged during installation if incorrect tools are used or the correct tools are used incorrectly. Window films have liners that protect the film during heat formation, but if too much pressure is applied, the film can be scratched. Our trained professional installers know how to avoid such damage.

Bubbles, light gaps, and other installation errors can occur.

When window tint is installed incorrectly, various errors can be introduced, such as the failure to remove small pockets of air from the film or to prevent gaps between the film and the edge of the glass. These problems can be avoided by choosing trained, experienced professionals to tint your windows

Can I have the protection of window film without having to have dark windows?


Yes. We carry products that offer exceptional protection for your skin and interior materials, as well as heat reduction, without darkening your windows. We also carry films in lighter shades. The 35 percent limit offers flexibility with your shaded color